Saturday, October 29, 2016

I don't even remember last weekend...

I used to blog quite a bit. Just read the previous posts. There were even more than what I have on this blog, but I deleted many of those because of, we'll call it, issues they created. 

Blogging was an escape for me, perhaps, or a way of just sharing whatever it is I had to with the world. A one-way emotional catharsis. But that was years ago, and this is now, and so much has happened since then. The problem is, I don't remember a lot of the details of the last few years. There are some very memorable moments, and others not so much. Years from now, many memories and images of what now are is so very clear will have faded; been forgotten. And that scares me. It's not that what I do is of much consequence to the world around me, and it's not that I am leaving this amazing legacy behind, but when I grow old I want to remember as much as I can. And perhaps these blog posts will serve as refreshers to that 90 Year old self.

The title says I don't remember what happened last weekend. Well, that's not entirely true. My wife celebrated her 34th birthday. We had lunch in Canmore, followed by a stroll around town. We went to the craft fair in Bearspaw that we attend every year. We got elbowed and pushed around by what seemed like old ladies and over-rushed mothers. We visited my new office, which is to say, quite a weird place to work. We took the early Christmas gift from my mother and put it towards a new bed for our youngest. So the memories are there, they just blend in with the rest of what goes on in my life.

What I really want to do is reflect back on this past summer, when we all went to Europe for 18 days. I want to remember the sights, sounds and sensations that came with being in a very different area. I want to remember the delight I had as I waited for hours on end in line at Heathrow Airport as I watched my 6 year old run around the terminal playing and making the most of our bad situation. I want to remember the look on my wife's face as she walked in the Louvre Museum in Paris. 

Now that evening have lightened up a bit for me and our youngest is taking to sleeping in his own bed (for the early parts of the night), I have some free time to dump out my brain and put it to the digital pen. Ideally, I wanted to journal with the written word, but my writing hand cannot keep up with the constant flow of words and thoughts from my brain. Plus my hand cramps up. So computer it is. It works, it's fine and I actually enjoy it. Plus I can insert pictures, like this!

Enjoying lunch at Place Du Martrois, by Jeanne D'arc, OrlĂ©ans, France - Jul 21st
Overlooking Glenmore Reservoir from Heritage Park, Calgary, Aug 26th
Summiting Mt. Lady MacDonald on Sep 10th
Eating a "croissant" in Abilene, Texas on Sep 22nd
Anyways, I think I'll try to keep this up. Not for anyone in particular, but just for the old me, 58 years from now. Ooooh, ominous, and scary. The year 2074. Haha, what will it be like then? I guess only future self knows!

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