Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hey Baby Baby!

So we are having a baby, right? And my parents are going to be grandparents right? Well they've been helping us set up baby room and waiting for little arrival to, well, arrive. So the other day my parents sent out this crib to us! Handmade by Oongabba himself! So after unboxing it, we have set it up and just need to fill it with something other than Rudy and Ellie-

That's moi! Crazy hippy hair and awesome blanket and pillow case made by mom. Thanks mom!

There it is! All nicely set up and de-squeaked! The teddy bear on the left is a build-a-bear (owl) and the other is from my wife's parents! The frog actually hugs back when you hug it. How nice :-)

Rudy, occupying the baby's bed. Bad Rudy!!! He even looks guilty.

Nevermind, he's a good boy. Ears up Rudy!

Hey there Rudy, what exactly are you doing?

Yes Rudy, she's allowed in there too. Don't look so perturbed.

Our Build-A-Bear (owl). Years ago, my wife and I and came to visit Calgary. We stayed in a hotel and went to Chinook Mall, where the Build-A-Bear had just opened. We said to eachother, someday when we are pregnant, we're gonna build one of those for our baby before it's born and then give it to him/her when its old enough to have it. Well, that time has come and we now have a Build-A-Bear (owl) anxiously awaiting it's new master. Come quickly little baby, come quick, Honky-Tonk-McHootle Boots is a waitin' with his geetar (so is dad).


  1. Awwww...y'all are gonna be awesome parents! The best is yet to come.

  2. Thank you random stranger... that's a nice thing to say from, well, a random stranger :-)

  3. Lorne, Lorne. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN???

    It seemed a black hole swallowed you up or something.

    A baby? Congrats to you and your wife on the next generation of you. Impressed I am.

    What are you up to?

  4. Yeah, hi Peter. I've not been on blogger for some months now, but I decided to get it up and going again. A fresh new blog.

    Yeah, we are expecting. Any day now! Can't wait!

    I'm still at Springbank, but no longer building planes. More engineering now. Much more to my liking. Also taking school to be a personal trainer. That's me right now :-)

    I made it in to GF Patisserie today for some delicious cupcakes! Best in town, even among gluten-full type cupcakes!