Sunday, June 27, 2010

Lorne's Toybox

Today was organize the garage day. An ongoing project I have. I like an organized garage. So, I have also made it my mission to keep as little stuff on the floor as possible. Much easier for sweeping and keeping clean. Obviously, some things like motorcycles, recycling bins and shoes racks must remain on the floor, but I am trying to get everything on the walls or ceiling. I think I am succeeding.

This is the garage. In here you will find 2 motorcycles, one canoe, a roof rack cargo box, 2 mountain bikes, recycling bins, brooms, animal shavings, a table saw, a cut off saw, a baby stroller, and various other doodads. Don't you feel like you're playing one of those hidden puzzle games?

I would like to brag that I have two motorcycles in my garage, but I can't as the one under the cover isn't mine. It's my brothers, and it's currently for sale. Please take it from me so I can have more room. FOR SALE.

Apparently, a 15.5 foot canoe fits in there! Woop! I'd like to say it's mine, but it belongs to my pastor. So that is how they walk on water... Them's is also my snowshoes and flyfishing gear. I can't wait to get out fishing. This winter I plan to buy either a kayak or solo canoe to hang from the ceiling there. This is going to be one packed garage.

I am all proud of this. I used to have all my tools in a bin, which made finding a hammer or a measuring tape a pain, especially when I grabbed the drywall saw instead. I used plumbing strapping to make a tool board. Apparently I also collect motorcyclist heads. One head and counting.

I built this shelf to be suspended from the ceiling so I could park my motorcycle under it in winter. Works great! I have the table saw on there and boxes that fit exactly perfect to the ceiling!

The pastoral canoe, on loan for a few weeks! I hope to have my own canoe in there soon.

That is too big of an open space on the ceiling, so I am going to hang the roof rack cargo box up there. It is an efficient use of space.

I added another shelf to my car fluids rack. Yes, I know the shelves aren't even, but that is among one of the many reasons I am not a carpenter, but an engineer (unofficially). Things line up so much easier in AutoCAD.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

All before 8am

Well there are challenges with being a new father, such as finding time to keep up with outdoor adventures. While one side of me wants to be outside running around like mad all the time, the other side wants a family side and to enjoy times at home. The second side is the winner for obvious reasons, but I still do not want to deny the other. So to remedy this, I went out for an early morning ride. The loop is called Jumpingpound Creek Loop, and it is 30 minutes from my door. Up at 5am and out by 530, I was ready to go mountain biking, then work from 8 to 4 like everyone else!

First off, I GPS's my ride, so others can go and enjoy it!


En route, with Moose Mountain as the backdrop to my drive. 6am and the sun is fully out. Gotta love Alberta.

I just installed the roof rack on my car a few days ago, and it came with a bike rack. So much nicer than that rack that hung off the back. Just make sure I don't try to park in the garage...

The path was easy to find, right off the picnic area.

Obviously, I had to take a photo of my bike as it would not take a photo of me.

The path followed a ridge along a creek. Such a beautiful morning. No bugs!!!

I always am amused by finding bridges along paths. I don't know why, but it just seems nice.

The trail opened up into a meadow with spectacular views. There was a campground just to the left of this photo... full of tents. Shhhhh, everyone is sleeping.

The nice thing about Kananaskis country is how well marked the trails are. Respect nature and stick to the trails.

This was on the north side of the loop as I headed back east with the sun in my face. I swear, this is what mountain bikers must see when they go to heaven.

The trail loops across Sibbald Creek Road, so at all times you are within a few hundred meters of the road. I was surprised at how much traffic there was at 7am on this road...

A nice gopher came and took this photo of me, my bike and my beloved bridge. I gave the guy a piece of my PBJ sandwich.

This is amazing single track. I would like to say that I am an awesome mountain biker who stayed on his bike the whole time and never got off, but I remain timid on the bike and had to hop off several times. It's about getting out there, not how good you are, I say.

The trail was always under the watchful eye of Moose Mountain. Such pretty scenery.

Again, another mountain bikers ascent into heaven.

Look ma! 7:08 am and out on my bike! Weird to think that an hour from then I was sitting at my desk at work... sigh...

And of course, what ride would be complete without a dip in the creek? I would have taken photos, but surely no one wants to see pasty white Canadian boy. I saved that for the grizzlies.

All in all, an awesome ride! First time out there, and all before 8am. Now I can go home and spend the evening with family and not fret about not being outside! Life is good, and Cochrane is an awesome place to live. So close to so much! I love it!