Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Commuting Fun!

As was my goal earlier this year when I bought my bike, I wanted to do a daily commute on the bicycle. Well daily doesn’t happen, but frequent does. Here are some photos (up until the point where my camera ran out of batteries).


2011-07-07 (3)

Ok, the exposure settings suck, but there is a deer in the picture as I head west towards the mountains.


2011-07-07 (4)

See, a nice deer! Blurry, yes, but definitely a deer.


2011-07-07 (5)

Heading south on Horse Creek Road towards the tracks. This morning I had to wait for the train for 5 minutes, but most days there are no trains.


2011-07-07 (7)

Riding through the neighbourhoods towards the intersection. Beautiful way to start the morning!


2011-07-07 (8)

Coming up to the intersection, you can smell all the fast-foods being prepared. Not exactly the best choice for an active morning, but oh so tantalizing when you’re riding on an empty stomach.


2011-07-07 (9)

This is passing the Tim Horton’s in town. It looks as if I’m playing in heavy traffic, but actually I am just passing parked trucks.


2011-07-07 (10)

I used to take the pathways under the bridge, up the other side, across on the pedestrian walkway and then back under the bridge to the paths, but I realized it’s safe enough to just ride the shoulder.


2011-07-07 (11)

Crossing the bridge over the Bow River. The river has been really swollen this year. Usually in the morning it is quite low then by afternoon it is much higher, but now it seems to be always high. It even floods the parking lot underneath quite often.


2011-07-07 (13)

Rather than heading up the highway, I take a right at the lights into Bow Meadows (I think) and aim for Tower’s trail. Sure it’s an additional 10km, but it is so worth every minute of it!


2011-07-07 (14)

Ah yes, Tower’s Trail hill. One of two major hills (if you want to call it major) on the ride. Major enough to cause me to pant.


2011-07-07 (18)

At the top of the hill, the sun just peeks over Big Hill. Such a pretty way to start the morning!


2011-07-07 (19)

At the top of Tower’s Trail hill, some rolling roads that turn into gravel. I figured my ride to be about 56% tarmac, 44% gravel. That’s why I have the commuter bike and not a road bike, as mine can handle the gravel.


2011-07-07 (20)

And there I am. At my desk being a good worker.

Commuting on the bike is great cause it’s the perfect way to start the morning, then I spend all day looking forward to the ride home! Sure it may take 1:15, but it’s no big deal to me cause I enjoy it so much! A great way to get some fresh air early in the morning. Usually when I ride to work, it ends up rainy or stormy, but hey, it’s half the fun seeing whether it rains or not! So far this year, I’ve logged 530km, which I think is pretty good (considering I’ve only put 1600km on my motorcycle).


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  1. I am behind on commenting but I have read your blog lol
    It looks like an interesting commute, you a variety of different scenery to see...

    hehe yes I though, is that blob a deer! (yay for getting that right!)