Saturday, October 1, 2011

Haven’t Blogged Lately, and no excuses why I haven’t

So I’ve peered at my blog over the last few weeks and realized that I have not posted since July 28th. Gosh, so much has happened. To make a short list of what’s happened, here it is:

August – Attempted a climb of Devil’s Head (it’s own blog coming soon)

August 10-16 – Attended my brother’s wedding in Halifax

September 11-22 – Travelled to Los Angeles, Houston and New York again for work

September 29 – Realized my dream of personal training is still alive :-)

Here are some photos from recent travels:


Our hotel in Halifax was right on the harbour-front. Being the humble prairie/mountain dweller that I am, oceans intrigue me.


Part of my brother’s pre-wedding activities included a tour of the Alexander Keith’s brewery. Very entertaining, even for someone who doesn’t drink ancient fermented hop juice.



I met my childhood hero Theodore Tugboat. Very cool.



It just so happened that the International Busker Festival was going on, all along the harbour-front, right outside our hotel. What a perfect time to go to Halifax! We spent so many days walking through all the performers. The dude on the left intrigued my wife, and I believe she caught his eye.



Halifax is so beautiful, with so much history. This is the Clock Tower on Citadel Hill.



After much searching, I finally remembered where I parked my yacht!



My brother’s wedding was in the Citadel itself, which is rather uncommon. He asked me to play music for it, which was technically my first performance! It was so much fun!



Working my magic. I think it went really well!



The wedding was really nice. It was probably the best wedding I’ve been to! It was so exciting to see my brother get married and to now have a new sister-in-law!



My cousin made the wedding cake (which was delicious). It was nice to have so many family touches to the wedding, which made it quite enjoyable.

We also spent some time in Peggy’s Cove, which is an iconic Canadian landmark! It was perfect weather on the shores there, with sunny skies and calm seas. I would post pictures, but all those photos are on my wife’s camera :-P. So you’ll have to use your imagination.

Time passed, and I ended up having to go to LA and New York again for work. Since this is a personal blog, I’ll leave work details out of it.

2011-09-11 (2)

This would be flying in to Los Angeles. If you look closely, you can actually see the Hollywood sign!


2011-09-11 (8)

The guy I was working with in LA wanted to rent a convertible. I told him it didn’t have enough space for our stuff. He told me we’d just put the top down. I guess I couldn’t argue.


2011-09-11 (13)

We travelled down to LA on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. Even on the other side of the continent, Americans were remembering those lost. We drove from LAX to Malibu along the Pacific Coast Highway, and saw this memorial. I believe it was one flag for every person killed on 9/11. Very moving.


2011-09-11 (14)

We drove to Malibu for dinner on the ocean. We enjoyed some delicious fish tacos and watched the sun set over the ocean. After this, we drove north to Simi Valley where we were staying.


2011-09-17 (14)

After finishing my work in Simi Valley, I connected through Houston and spent 2 nights with my brother and his wife. I had never been to Houston (or Texas for that matter) and was quite amazed at the area and especially the road networks in Houston.


2011-09-17 (22)

Of course, never having been to Houston, or Texas, my brother insisted I go shooting with him. I’m glad I did.


2011-09-17 (16)

“After service, please join us for coffee, fellowship, and 200 rounds of 9mm. Don’t forget to collect your children from the nursery.”


2011-09-21 (2)

Man, this sight looks familiar. I went from Houston back to Schenectady, NY for more work. I didn’t take nearly as many photos this time, but I managed to capture an almost identical photo as last time.


2011-09-22 (3)

Just like my last trip out east, I flew home from Newark, so it allowed me to spend another few hours in New York City. This time I took another item off my bucket list by taking a NYC cab. Not exactly the most effective method of transportation, but an amusing experience with some of the craziest drivers I’ve ever seen.


2011-09-22 (9)

I took the cab to within a few blocks of Dylan’s Candy Bar, and gave myself the opportunity to explore the famous NYC sweet shoppe.


2011-09-22 (13)

Candy everywhere, even in the tables, on the walls and…


2011-09-22 (11)

… in the stairs, tee hee.


2011-09-22 (25)

Rather than taking a cab back to the train station, I walked. I walked past Central Park, which is far larger than I imagined. I just saw it from the south end of the park, and it goes on for what seems like forever. A beautiful oasis in a busy city.


2011-09-22 (33)

I walked down Broadway and past the line up for Letterman. Apparently, the LATE show takes place at around 3pm. Well, it’s late somewhere right?


2011-09-22 (36)

Well my total time spent in New York City is now around 8 hours, and I was happy to see the magnificent city again. I hope to return sometime soon, this time with my wife and son.

After 12 days on the road, I was so excited to get home and see my family and resume my life again. A few flights and some time spent in a taxi brought me back to a smiling wife and excited child! Life is good.

Since my son was born, I’ve shut down my studies to become a personal trainer. It was a choice I made so I could spend some extra time with him in the precious first few months of his life. Well this turned into almost 2 years without schooling, and without schooling the dream of personal training faded with the hecticness of life. After much soul searching and endless conversations with my wife, she told me that I had no real goals to work towards, and that I should resume my personal training studies. I hadn’t even considered that, and within a few days of this discussion I was back on track to being what I dream to be. So a huge thank you and I love you to the better half of me. I love you sweetie!


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