Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Vinyl Challenge, Purchase #1

As previously mentioned, I had "challenged" myself to alphabetically purchase, in alphabetical order, a new vinyl each two weeks over the next year. I really, really, really wanted to find some alexisonfire vinyl, or the first Alt-J album, but I came across this instead:

Awolnation - Run (2015). Follow up to his debut album, Megalithic Symphony. Awolnation has always appealed to me since I bought his first album (on CD a few years ago), even the songs past what you would normally hear on the radio (although Sail is an amazing track). I just enjoy the sound, energy and depth of his music. This new album, is my first 180 gram purchase, a format of vinyl I'm still trying to wrap my head around.
A - Awolnation - Run (2015)
B - 
C - 
D - 
E - 
F - 
G - 
H - 
I - 
J - 
K - 
L - 
M - 
N - 
O - 
P - 
Q - 
R -
S - 
T - 
U - 
V - 
W - 
X - 
Y - 
Z - 

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