Saturday, July 3, 2010

Canoe Canoe Canoe Canoe Canoe Canoe!!!

So thanks to my pastor, I have a canoe on loan for a few weeks! I called up a buddy of mine and we headed to Ghost Reservoir, 10 minutes down the road. I love being so close to everything! Cochrane rocks!!!

Sweet! A canoe fits on my car and actually looks good on it!

Paddles were cleverly tucked inside on the rack underneath the canoe. That's using my thinker!

Meet Nate. Nate likes canoes. Nate likes water bottles. Nate is about to fall into the water.

Nate is also good at looking like a cool dude. I wish I could agree with that, but just look at those socks...

Meet Lorne. That's me. Fresh from being in the water. Lorne likes canoes. Lorne likes water. Lorne likes being outside.

Lorne also like paddling and pointing at things while he is in the canoe. I was trying for my explorer pose. Surely, Lewis and Clark or McKenzie must have done this once upon a time during their travels.

See? See!!! I told you Nate was going to fall in the water.

I told Nate to look like he was paddling like mad, so this is what he did. Are you convinced he's going anywhere?

Apparently, when I go canoeing, I end up spending time both IN and ON the water. I guess I have to make sure I only stay ON the water when I bring my wife and son with me.

And to add to all this funness of mine, I won a $500 rack from Thule in their Win a Rack Wednesday contest that they have on their site! Yeah, sweet is right! So I phoned them up (after confirming it was NOT a scam) and told them I already have a rack. They said I could have $500 in other stuff then. So I ordered the following:

884 Roll Model. For easy loading of a kayak. I don't own a kayak yet, but when I do, loading will be a breeze. At least those rental kayaks will be well secured and easy to load. One step closer Lorne... one step closer....

871XT Fairing, to eliminate that pesky wind noise. Also used for being a driving billboard for Thule.

594XT Sidearm. I already have a bike carrier, but this one is better. And free. What more could a guy want? Now I have two bike carriers!

All I have to say is thank you so much Thule! I think this is an awesome prize to win and I will cherish it every time it is used! What a blessing!

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  1. The Canoe looks bigger then your car lol
    Looks like you and your friend had a fun time Canoeing, a beautiful area to canoe huh?

    Yay for all the cool stuff you got!! Very awesome!