Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Guess What Just Arrived?


Ahhhh yeah! The Mukluks have arrived. Here is my initial review.


I am impressed! Nice box, looked good, and they didn’t have that new shoe smell that I so despise! I think I will, however, have to treat them with some form of protection for suede. They may get wet.


Super good looking boots. These are the Hunter Mukluks by Manitobah Mukluks. My requirements were Canadian Made, soft & flat sole and natural materials. The footbed is lined with sheepskin, and they are made of cowhide.


They have a drawstring around the calf which will be great for keeping out snow and keeping the mukluks in place.


This was a major selling feature of these. Vibram sole! And not to mention the beautiful artwork! Very nicely captured! Earth, wind, fire, mountains, tipi, water! It’s all in there.


Initial fit? Excellent! If you do order some, make sure to measure your feet first! I ordered size 10’s (EU 43) and I normally wear a size 10.5 (EU 45). Manitobah recommended the 10 based on my foot length (11 1/8”).


The sheepskin sole is so soft and comfy! And they look stylish with my jeans! What can I say but comfy comfy comfy? Too bad I have to put these through their paces. I would hate to wreck them. Oh well, that’s what I’m doing! Perhaps I will order an additional pair for everyday use.


Well, this isn’t really what they were built for, but I’ll take it. They are so warm and cushy that I could cry. Seriously.


My main concern with running in them is suede and seams. But a closer look at the seam work and eases those worries. Not to mention the beautiful detail in these mukluks. Also, suede can be treated to repel water, and there is a care section in the paperwork that came with them.


The toes will take a beating, but that will be reviewed once I get some running done.


Not the proper way to use them, but I am showing the soft and plush lining that these have.


The top cuff comes just above my calf, so it will be perfect for keeping out snow and keeping the mukluks on my feet. I was a bit surprised at how loose it is around the ankle, but this is excellent for mobility and keeping the barefoot running feel.Oooh, I am so excited!!!!


Flexible Vibram sole! What more can I say?


Shown in my ball-of-foot running position. This is gonna be great!


They even came with a certificate of Authenticity. Now I know they’re the real thing!

So after wearing them for a bit last night, I am confident that they will hold up to my running. I am excited to try them out and put them through their paces, but like I said I am sad that I could wreck them in the process. No biggie though, cause if I do I will order some more so I can wear them day to day. I know it will be the next best thing to barefooting in winter, minus the frost-bitten toes.

The only problem I have right now, we are in November and it is supposed to be +16 Celsius this weekend. Hmmmm…

Stay tuned for more updates, but a special thanks to Tara and Josh at Manitobah for giving me this opportunity!

Check out Manitobah Mukluks when you get the chance. A beautiful website with some fantastic products. I think I will need to order some moccasins soon. I miss my old one’s.



  1. Woohoo!!! That is super exciting to finally get them, and I am glad they are everything you wanted them to be :) They look awesome and look comfy :) I hope you get your cold weather soon!

  2. Yeah, you better get some more for your wife/son!!

    They look great - hope they work out perfect for running!