Thursday, October 28, 2010

All those pushups…

So I’ve been delinquent in blogging lately, but I have been trying to do pushups. I’m not sure what I’m up to as I haven’t tested in a while, but I’m sure it’s more than it was previously.

2010-10-27 (6)

Pushup #8 – In front of TV. Take that Hannah Montana.

2010-10-27 (3)

Pushup #9 – On the couch. Take the The Brick and Cindy Crawford.

2010-10-27 (8)

Pushup #10 – Up the stairs.

2010-10-27 (9)

Pushup #11 – Down the stairs. Blood…..rushing….to…head….

And now, for an unhealthy addition to my rather healthy blog.


The Double Down from KFC. I’ve heard about it. I never knew what it was until a coupon came in the mail. Good grief, where’s the bun? Oh, the chicken is the bun. Where’s the veggies? Um, jalapeno in the monterey jack. Does that count? My goodness. My verdict…. meh. It’s not gross, but it’s not good either. The reason I tried it is because I love food, and I’ll try anything, and like the Baconator, it’s something that I just had to try. Don’t worry mom, I won’t be eating one of these again.

I actually made it out for a run this morning. I tested my 400m, 800m and 1 mile runs.

400m is 1:10:52. The goal was 2:04. Booyah Smile

800m in 2:54:91. The goal was 4:20. Smoked that one Open-mouthed smile

1 mile is 6:29:83. The goal was 9 minutes. Not bad, but I would like to have been under 6 minutes. Perhaps I will try my 1 mile run before the other 2 distances next time.



  1. coming down the stairs push ups ...interesting!
    Yea I have heard about the "Double Down" yep makes gag just thinking about it.. and I love chicken lol but no bread?? that is just madness!!

  2. The Double Down is just sounds gross!

    Way to go on those goals!!!