Monday, December 13, 2010

Running in Mukluks: Official Snowy Review

I haven’t run in a while, my work has been preventing me from doing so. Not to mention the short hours of daylight. Anyway, that sounds like excuses to me. Regardless, I managed to get out running and in the snow with the mukluks.

2010-12-06 (1)

The issue I had with flopping boots has been solved with hockey tape! Thanks Neil! Good suggestion. I would, however, like a more elegant solution for running mukluks, but this will do for my current purposes.

2010-12-06 (2)

My run took me back to the Ranchehouse Ravine in Cochrane. It may be well trodden, but there is enough snow. Certainly more than last time. But the soft soles of the mukluks still provided superior grip and superior ground feel, something that is awesome in winter.

2010-12-06 (3)

Considering the amount of Chinook’s we’ve had, there is still a good amount of snow. I noticed that during the run, in places that were not trodden, that I would be often running on top of the snow then falling through. My overall pace is considerable lower (greater than 5:00/km), but the workout is twice as hard because I was CONSTANTLY adjusting my stride and balance. Trail running in winter. Very dynamic.

2010-12-06 (6)Gratuitous running shot. Hero shot. Running in mukluks = fun Smile

2010-12-06 (4)

Plenty of snow, that’s for sure. It was a great day for running and a good opportunity to test out the mukluks. The temperature was around –5 to –10. The Hunter Mukluks proved themselves VERY warm and quite comfortable during the run. Big points for that. (Not that I have any points to really give away, lol).

2010-12-06 (5)

As I said before, running through fields of this stuff creates a whole new level of workout. Constantly adjusting balance, stepping in unseen gopher holes, etc…. it provides one heck of a core workout. If I keep this up, that Powderface42 trail race this year may just seem all the more do-able.

Manitobah Mukluks Hunters: Snowy and Cool

Pros: Very comfortable. Good grip in snowy conditions. Excellent warmth, considering a flexible sole. Still maintains that barefoot feel, even in the snow. 

Cons: Flopping boots. I’ve said it before, and even with the hockey tape in place, I’d still like to see a more elegant solution. Perhaps lampwick lacing, or something resilient.

Overall: For the conditions listed, the Hunter’s performed very well. They are grippy, warm, and maintain the barefoot feel that I am so used to in summer. 8/10.

The run was short, only about 4km, so I think a longer run is in order. I’ve been a little negligent in my running, so I’ll have to build up to my 10-15km distance and cardio. Hopefully January provides some cold temperatures, plenty of snow, and ample time for me to run amok. Or amukluk, lol.

Also, I came across a store in Cochrane that sells Manitobah Mukluks. They are called Poor David’s, right beside Heavenly Outhouse on Main Street. I was tickled to see that they sold Manitobah’s. Now you know where to buy them Smile


  1. Black hockey tape = more elegant solution.

  2. Those look really comfy! Thanks for the review.