Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mukluk 1/2 Marathon, but this one is not all about me…

This past New Year’s Eve day, I followed up on my commitment to run with Marathon 250’s Martin Parnell, who is on a quest in 2010 to run 250 marathons for the Right To Play charity.

Well, his 250th marathon came up and I decided it would be best to join him in the –30 Celsius weather. Off I went!

2010-12-31 (1)

I walked the course along the Bow River at first to see it nicely cleared. Martin was running 2km loops so that anyone could run with him if they wanted to. Nice move! The river was freezing over and made a fantastic iceberg-ish sound as it flowed. So very cold.

2010-12-31 (3)

Pre race interviews. It was very exciting to see all of this happening. I even called my mom!

Official Race start. If you watch the CTV news clip, you can see me recording. I am a nerd.

2010-12-31 (6)

The run is underway! No races here, just support for this local man!

Coming in from the second to last lap!


2010-12-31 (9a)

The reverse angle of that previous video. I never really realize that I am full head taller than most people until I see a photo…

2010-12-31 (9b)

This man has run a lot this past year. I asked him what his plans are for the new years. He told me that his resolution is to NOT run 250 marathons and he’s sticking to it! Well done sir, you deserve the break!

The countdown to the final lap! Way to go!

2010-12-31 (7)

It was so encouraging to see so many people come out and support this local man! I think there were around 320 runners at the end of the run. Even the horses who flanked him at the start of the run couldn’t keep up!

2010-12-31 (12)

With just 1 km to go in his 10,500km journey, Martin took off for an additional 400m of running to make his 42.5 km distance officially recognized! It just goes to show how focused he was at all times!

The big finish! Such a huge accomplishment! It is so inspiring to see this man’s dedication.

2010-12-31 (13c)

Martin finished with all the kids around him. I’m sure there could have be no better finish for him.

Awesome news coverage can be found HERE. This run truly was about Martin’s dedication to his goal of 250 marathons. It was so amazing to see him run and to be a part of it. He has given me one more reason to be proud to live in Cochrane. Way to go Martin!

While I was running to support Martin, I was also putting my mukluks to the test. I was delighted to have –30 weather and icy conditions, the very thing I am looking for while running this winter. So here is my review for the Manitobah Hunter Mukluks.

Manitobah Mukluks Hunters: Freezing Half Marathon

Pros: Warm and perfect. I couldn’t ask for a better “barefoot” winter shoe.

Cons: None, except for comments from people asking if I’d like runners. I will also add they still require the use of hockey tape (but we already know this).

Overall: These mukluks are the ultimate in winter running. They are warm and comfortable. They are stylish and they maintain their barefoot feel. I am blown away by their performance in cold weather, both static and running. The seams are well made, the Vibram sole is perfect and flexible at cold temperatures, the plush sheepskin lining wicks moisture away from your feet. Seriously, if you want to barefoot run in winter without getting frostbite, buy Hunter mukluks from Manitobah. You won’t be disappointed. 9.5/10.

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  1. I know you ran in the race but I didn't know all the details... That is super cool how he ran 250 marathons...that is incrediably awesome! and alaways I enjoy all the photos! Thats great you had a nice run with your mukluks