Sunday, March 27, 2011

It’s Blog Time–Prairie Mountain!

Well, this may have happened a few weeks ago, and I may not have blogged about it recently, but that doesn’t mean I can’t blog about it now. Muahahaha, here I go!

GPS data can be found here.

Prairie Mountain 002

I never even really knew that Prairie Mountain existed. I knew of Prairie Link Trail and Prairie Creek. But deep in Kananaskis, there is a mountain named after a Prairie. Very interesting.


Prairie Mountain 005c

Yes, yes, that is me, sitting on the way up. I also may be holding a snowball. That snowball may have been lobbed at someone else.


Prairie Mountain 009

It’s nice living so close to the mountains because they are just so accessible. The weather may have been cloudy at first, but as you will see it got phenomenal towards the top.


Prairie Mountain 011a

Lots of snow near the top, and clearing weather too.


Prairie Mountain 011d

Yes, another picture of me sitting. But I will give a shout-out to my mukluks. ahem…. HEY!!!


Prairie Mountain 017a

Trees covered in frost are just so pretty. Picture worthy Smile


Prairie Mountain 018d

See, I know how to stand!


Prairie Mountain 022

We had some fun practicing our flying abilities. I love powdery snow. This is definitely something you cannot do in summer, lol!


Prairie Mountain 023

Post-flight. I still haven’t earned my wings, but trying has never been so much fun!


Prairie Mountain 025

The final trudge towards the summit. It was truly amazing because we came through the clouds to a sea below us.


Prairie Mountain 028a

The sea of clouds only broken by the peaks of the Rockies. This is what it’s all about. Peaks such as Banded, Outlaw, Glasgow and Cornwall, along with Nihahi Ridge all became visible. The view truly inspires me to climb and continue to do so forever.


Prairie Mountain 029c

The ridge along the summit trek. While it’s not the highest or most difficult summit, it’s views truly say that bigger isn’t always better. Don’t fall to the right. For some strange reason, we wanted to though…


Prairie Mountain 037 One of the views from the top. Moose Mountain to the north and Calgary would be to the east. Luckily, the clouds covered the city and you could see nothing but a sea of clouds to the east and mountains to the west. A winter paradise!


Prairie Mountain 039

Incredible views. A true gem. I had no idea that the views would be so spectacular.


Prairie Mountain 042

Banded (Toblerone), Outlaw and Glasgow/Cornwall (hidden behind). These mountains are visible from home and now I finally have identified them. I hope to summit them someday.


Prairie Mountain 044e

Winter beauty. A sight like no other, and being the first people on the mountain pretty much guarantees serenity. This is why I love to climb.


Prairie Mountain 048a

Another view from the summit. This would be looking northwest.


Prairie Mountain 048

View from the top. A good place to be with good friends!


Prairie Mountain 050e

This is not the summit, but what we thought to be a frozen hibernating bear. A perfect opportunity to be a goof, something at which I excel.


Prairie Mountain 055c

On the way back down, I tripped and fell. Good thing there was a camera ready.


Prairie Mountain 074

On the descent, we met a few people making their way to the top and I was reminded that we were lucky to be the first one’s up. As the clouds cleared, we could easily see (and hear) the Elbow River below us.


Prairie Mountain 109

And what better way to end a summit trip with some wildlife. We spotted 3 moose on the highway going home.


Prairie Mountain, the oxymoron name of a hill, was a truly surprising experience. We found some amazing views, had perfect conditions, and found out that sliding down a steep slope on your butt is extremely fun (we made it up to 14km/h) and well worth the steep upward slog! The trip took us just over 3 hours, but that included dawdling at the top with ever-so-necessary summit meal. I hope to do this summit again.



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