Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Blog Apart

So no blogging lately, but much going on. First of all, I would like to wish my son a very happy first birthday! Happy Birthday little buddy! You made our family even better Smile

We took him out to Drumheller for his birthday. On the way, my wife got this amazing photo. Very nice! This will definitely be printed and hung on the wall.

Seeing as we were in Drumheller, it seemed fitting to go in to the Royal Tyrell Museum. D’uh! That was the whole point. For a 1 year old baby, he sure saw a lot and pointed and walked and enjoyed it! I’m really happy we took him. I won’t post pictures of him, but here’s me beside a rather large T-rex leg. It was a great visit!
What else has happened lately? Well, not many photos, but stuff is still going on.

I’ve ordered myself a new guitar! A Crafter SA-TMVS electric/acoustic. Thanks to Dennis @ Adirondack Guitars, I managed to put it on layaway, so it should be with me in a few months. I can’t wait. Hopefully I can get it before my brother’s wedding in Halifax this August. I’m playing guitar for the wedding, so a new instrument would be very much welcome. Donations to the Lorne Guitar Fund are always appreciated Winking smile.
Boomerang 3
Along with the guitar, I also ordered a Boomerang 3 Phrase Sampler pedal. This lets you record and loop your guitar, so it’s like creating your own band. Lots of people do it, and now it gives a whole new dimension to playing guitar. I have been wanting one of these for years, and I know for a fact it’s going to help me get better and better at the guitar. Super excited for this one!

April 20 Ad #1
I have also signed on with Cochrane Functional Fitness to teach their 5 & 10k run prep. It’s a 6 week program to get people ready for the Footstock races (or whatever races) this June. I’m in to week 2 and absolutely loving it! It’s a great program and I really do enjoy teaching it.

Speaking of running, I am still on my quest to run the Powderface42 marathon this July. I am approaching this race as I would an ultra with a run strategy. Basically, 13 minutes running, 2 minutes rest, and repeat until complete. So I’m hoping to run 2km+ at a time, and with the rest, hoping to average 2.5km per interval. This should allow me 10km/hour or a finish of roughly just over 4 hours. I honestly think that’s not going to happen, as most racers are in the 5 hour mark due to the elevation and difficulty of the race, but regardless of how far I run in 15 minutes, it’s still my strategy. I think it will work well for me.
2010-12-31 All Creatures Great and Small
Lastly, I would like to conclude that I have finally finished reading James Herriot “All Creatures Great and Small”. It was a truly inspiring read for me. I’ve discovered that loving what you do isn’t necessarily loving the job itself, but just loving life and all it has to offer. A career may be a goal for some, but my goals is to use my career as a means to an end. To love life. To live life, and make the most of it, and reflect upon it with a positive attitude. I came up with a “slogan” after reading the book, which has nothing to do with the book, but rather with the feeling I got from reading it:
Love what you have
Earn what you want
Deserve what you get
We live in a very materialistic world, with pretty shiny things all around us. It’s very enticing to always have the next best thing! Look at the guitars in this blog, for example! I am living testament to wanting things. And one thing I have always wanted was career joy. I have discovered that I may not always find joy in that career, but I can find joy in what that career provides. So when I end up in a slump as I so often do, I have to remember why I’m having a hard time, and not just reflect on the hard time. I have to remember that the life I live is SO much bigger than the problems I face day to day.

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