Sunday, January 8, 2012

Discovering New Music

I've decided to do a post about new music. First, let me reminisce. Yes, I had to google how to spell that word...

The first album I ever bought was actually a tape. It was Counting Crows, because I liked the song Mr Jones. That started a whole trend of music collecting. I had 200 some CDs in my collection, then by some retarded Christian motivation I got rid of ALL my CDs (save for a few Christian and "safe" CDs). I kick myself to this day for doing that. Kick kick kick....

Well, over the last 10 years I've been building up a collection again, and yes, I have bought some of the CDs that I had previously gotten rid of. Kick kick kick... Now I am approaching 300 CDs, be it through iTunes or actually the physical CD. For the longest time, I loved buying iTunes, but then I missed the one-cd-in-the-player-and-listen-it-to-death that just does not occur with the iPod. So in the last year or so, I've started buying CDs again, and my collection is quickly growing. Thank you HMV for $5 and $10 sales...

Regardless, let bygones be bygones and now I would like to share some of the music that I love and am learning of:

The Rural Alberta Advantage. The dude kind of reminds me of the Tragically Hip, and the sound is, well, distinctively Canadian. This is on my to-buy list...

This is old school Matthew Good Band. I didn't know of MGB when this song came out, I discovered them during the Underdogs release. I like this song. It's got passion, a passion that only Matt Good can portray.

Ok, the way I found this dude was kind of cool. DubFX is a beatboxer dude from Australia who loops his voice through a Roland RC-50 loop station. I happened to be looking online for a loop station and came across his videos. I immediately liked his music and ordered his album. That was two years ago, and I still listen to it. I don't much like Dubstep music, but his is different. His is good.

Jack Johnson - Losing Keys. I've liked JJ for years, and as his albums are released, his sound has changed (much to my dislike). He's gone from acoustic around the fire type music to more electric, uppity-do music. I remember hearing this song playing over the speakers at Willow Park Wine store in Calgary right before I was headed out for a bike ride around Glenmore Reservoir. It was a Sunday, and this song seems like the perfect sunny Sunday song. I love it.

I was told to watch this video. It's worth it. The song is, well, a song, but the video is pretty cool.

Ok, I'll be honest. I could not stand this band when I first heard them. Serious suckage, in my opinion. But then I found myself humming their songs and then I couldn't get them out of my head. I like the back and forth vocals, and when my wife found one of their CDs in my car, she hasn't stopped listening to it. Good stuff!

More Mother Mother. Very catchy. Very...

If anyone from Calgary reads my blog, they will quickly realize that my station of choice is X929. While some of their music is just not good, a lot of it is amazingly good. They do represent the Calgary Underground music scene. I love discovering new bands, and the Cripple Creek Fairies happen to be from Calgary. It's more good stuff.

Ok, I put this in here simply because of the talent. I don't like Megadeth, heavy metal or anything much like it. But a friend of mine posted this on Facebook and I watched it because I was bored. Well, it's amazing. This is such talent, it has to be shared, even if the music is terrible. Does that make sense? Let the song at least get to the solo... For those of you that can't stand this music, here are some cues:

2:39 - Guitar solo starts
5:15 - Guitar solo get very fast, usually the stuff you hear people playing at guitar shops that is plain ol annoying (but fits well with the song)
5:50 - Drum solo starts
6:50 - Drummer hits the fast forward button

More music to come


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