Saturday, February 25, 2012

Horse Creek Bike Loop, in "Winter"

This didn't happen too long ago, and it was great to get out on my bike during the so-called winter we are experiencing in Alberta. I did this loop in summer, so it was much greener, but this was good enough, considering it was February. GPS data can be found here.

This didn't happen too long, and we haven't had much snow this winter anyways. I'm expecting it to all come down in March...

Of course I'm grinning! I'm biking in February! And I was in shorts. And I wearing my special events bandana. I've had it for 13 years this year, and it's been with me many places. MANY places...

It's such an awesome ride! I only saw two other bikers out. I thought for sure that I would have seen more.

I'm trying to get some cool perspective, like that of my hub's view, sort of, I think...

This is beautifully green in summer, but it certainly held its charm in winter.
The nice thing about this loop, is that once you finish Grand Valley Road, if you are riding the loop clockwise, the ride back down Horse Creek is pretty much all downhill right to highway 1A. 

Another great thing about this ride is the serious lack of traffic! I'm not a fan of riding on the shoulder of the road, but there is so few people and cars on this ride that you can wander all over the pavement! Be careful, of course.

More wheel hub perspective. I ride singe speed, but I think I was easily able to get up to 50km/h on the downhills.

Horses! Of course, it is Horse Creek Road...

Towards the end of the ride, the weather got a little colder. But I was close enough to home that it didn't bother me. 
I was truly lucky to be out on this ride. It was a gem in this winter season we've been having here in Alberta. As I write this, a few weeks after this ride, it is snowing a bit colder than when I rode, but you won't hear me complaining. Not one bit.


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