Sunday, December 15, 2013

Secret Agent Lorne!

Ok, so I have the best of intentions for blogging, yet I never do. Excuses aside, here is my latest!

I had a recent trip to Trenton, ON. It was a good trip at less than seven days, so it is my ideal, all things considered.

Bienvenue a Ottawa! Voted best airport in North America in 2011!

It was a nice airport, as far as airports go.
I wanted to visit my dear Grandmother in Perth, just south of Ottawa, so I decided that since I had taken the red-eye out of Calgary and I looked like garbage, I would hit up a gym in Perth so I could clean up and look presentable. I found this:

The Perth Athletic Center and Martial Arts Center (PACMAC, for short). It was an old soap factory converted into a gym.

I wanted to take photos of the place, but I just downloaded their images off of their website.

The gym was awesome, full of retro / old-school equipment and fashioned like a warehouse!

I had always wanted to workout in a gym like this. I even said so to the gym owner who was tending the counter.

Any gym where you can flip tires has my vote as an awesome gym!

All of their equipment was well used, nothing fancy and everything needed.

It was awesome to be in a gym that isn't full of cardio equipment. Just the machines, weights and such.

The brick wearhouse look wanted me to lift as much as possible!

The gym was super tidy and well organized! I was impressed. Someday, I will own a gym like this.

My darling son made me a card for when I was in Ontario, so I brought it with me everywhere I went! Here it is on the bed in Toronto.

We had a two hour drive to Trenton the next morning. We took the 401, and 20 minutes outside of Trenton the highway was shut down. It took us 2 hours to drive 5 km. 

Once in Trenton, we worked on the C-130 as usual. Good stuff. I worked on this very plane about 8 years ago when I was at SPAR Aerospace, so it was nice to see it again.

The advantage of Ontario over Alberta is the fact that they have REAL poutine that actually uses proper cheese curds and NOT shredded mozza. Magnifique!

When was the last time these toilets were cleaned?

Your truly, hurrying up and waiting!

Secret Agent Lorne got to fly on the C-130 and play with Night Vision Goggles. Booyah!

The lights of Kingston, I believe. At night through NVG.

Flying over CFB Trenton. The runway lights were only visible through NVG goggles. Very cool.

I have this same photo during daylight hours during one of my previous exploits.

It was a good trip. Short, to the point and in my opinion successful.

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