Monday, December 23, 2013

The Tampa Aquarium

While I do have many other things to blog about, I figure it would be best to blog about recent events. Nobody wants to hear about my road trip from Albany to Tampa that took place in February.

My wife, son and I are down in Florida for the holidays. It's nice to escape the winter of Cochrane and do some sunshine things. I've been to Tampa many many times these past two years, but that was usually on business. Now that I am here with family, we can do the tourist fun stuff! We decided to head into the big city to see the Tampa Aquarium

 Oh yes, well this is from the other day. I was a sexy mermaid.

 Overhead aquarium at the entrance of Tampa Aquarium

 The ever-so-playful river otters.

 Posing for the camera. These little dudes are so very cool. I wish I could swim like them.

 Turtle doing what turtles do best. Practicing the art of ninja.

 Grass eels thingymabobs. They sway in the current to look like grass.

 The aquarium was amazing! Artificial reefs that were modeled after a reef in Dry Tortugas National Park, west of Key West in the Carribean Sea.

 A beautiful lion fish. Apparently, these are an invasive species in this area and there are angling derby's held to control their population. They are supposedly really good to eat. I think they are too beautiful to eat.

 The artificial reefs were amazing and so huge.

 Tiger shark swimming in a gigantic 500,000,000 gallon tank.

 The 500,000,000 gallon tank. We sat there for a while and just enjoyed the show!

 Sea dragon. It looks like a plant, but is actually a fish.

 You can pay to go swim in the aquarium. I would totally do this. New life adventure item, accepted!

 Jellyfish. The most delicious of the english language compound words.

 Found him! Actually, my son was elated to find him!

 I can't remember what this one was called. I said it looked like a Christmas ornament.

And of course, the stingray petting zoo. Yes I pet them. Yes, they feel like mushy swimming erasers. Yes, they are odd, but ever so cool.

It was a great experience and a lot of fun to go to the aquarium. I had not been to one since I was probably 12 when I went to Undersea World in Victoria, BC. Now I want to go scuba diving, snorkeling, and swim with whales. Yes, you can do that last one.

Thank you GoPro for making my normal life seem mundane. I would totally rock that bikini.



  1. Wow.
    I see you travel a lot more these days. No better life style. If one enjoys it....

    Merry Christmas

  2. Yes, I do travel quite a bit. Most of it is business. I do like seeing things and being different places, but I do not like being away from my family. That's the hard part.

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