Monday, October 18, 2010

Drop down and give me 100!!!

So in my quest for 100 pushups, I found some more ways to do them! Read on :-)

2010-10-15 (1) Pushup #4 – At the track, post run, in VFF Treksports. Yeah yeah!

2010-10-15 (2)Pushup #5 – Up the bleachers!

2010-10-15 (3)  Pushup #6 – DOWN the bleachers.

I ran on Friday for the first time in my new Treksports. So this is what I noticed:

1. HOT! These VFFs cover the tops of my feet unlike my Sprints or Classics, and I noticed that my feet heat up quickly. Man, I must be fast.

2. Squishy. The thicker sole is quite noticeable after running so long in Sprints. This is going to be great for the trails. I’m not talking shock-absorption thickness, but noticeably softer thickness. Methinks it’s a good thing, plus it’s preparing me for the mukluks.

3. SUPER-comfy! They have a different material inside of them. Not sure if this is model specific or subject to the whole VFF brand, but they were comfy to wear, even with my worn-out-leper-like-heel-blisters.

2010-10-15 (4) October 15th, 2010. First snowfall. Oh yeah! Me likey! Mukluk running here I come! I just need my mukluks now!

So after 1 week of the 100 pushup routine here is what I have discovered. My triceps are weak-weak-weak! I need to work on that if I want to get to the full 100. I also discovered that a faster tempo will get the job done with much less effort, however it will require a lot of anaerobic muscle work. I also need to work on proper hand placement to maximize my results! Here’s to week 2!



  1. Just thought of a very important question - who takes all these pictures for you?

  2. I set my camera to delay so I can get these photos. I would have thought of a wittier comment, something like the garden gnome that lives in the basement, or a chipmunk (although the chipmunk does take my nature shots for the price of a cashew), but I'll be honest this time.