Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Hardest Run Ever

Sunday is a good day for running. Saturday’s I take off of running to get everything done that needs getting done. Sunday mornings are Lorne time on weekends for running or doing something of the like.

The run this morning wasn’t hard, despite what the blog title shows. In fact, it was quite easy. Run data can be found here.

The reason this run was the hardest ever is because I was constantly checking my pace, making sure I’m running at speed, not resting when I should, and pushing myself beyond what I can and should do. I was forgetting why I run, and to me that is a big disappointment. I run for the freedom of it, the feel of motion, the swish of air, the trickle of the river and creek. I don’t run for the competition, to be the best ever or to brag about it. I run because I love to run.

This past weekend a coworker of mine was running in a half marathon. The results were posted and she ran a 1:32. I instantly went on to my run pace calculator to find out how fast she ran, yadda yadda. I instantly thought I could train to do better, and then I went off for my run. How quickly I forgot why I run, and I spent the time crunching numbers and paces in my head. So when my body said no more, I kept running, but then my thoughts slowed and I returned to myself. I found a bench and sat on it for 10 minutes, forgetting that I wanted to finish my run in a certain time. That 10 minutes did wonders to me as I remembered myself, learned that aching ankles meant a slow walk back home and that I run because I love it, not because I love to win. So perhaps my next run will involve putting the watch somewhere I cannot constantly check it. So the hardest part of this run was the mental challenge it posed to me, not the physical demands of running. Keep that in mind Lorne…

I thought to myself that if I could wish (Aladdin style) to be a faster runner, my body would be able to do it but my mind wouldn’t. Like all of a sudden, if I could run a 20 minute 5km as I am now, my mind would not be able to handle that sort of sudden adjustment. So as I physically train towards that goal, I also mentally train. If I could physically run a 100 mile endurance race tomorrow (which is another goal), I would  not be able to handle it mentally. I always have to keep in mind that my mind needs to adjust along with my physical abilities in running.

All said and done, I did take photos while I was out there. I am experimenting with my camera to take shots while in motion, and I think I am getting better.

003 I ran my loop clockwise rather than my usual counter-clockwise to get the hill out of the way. Just before this, a cyclist passed me asking me how the barefoot running was going. 1.5km of gravel ensued…

004 Looking down towards Cochrane. Photos slightly overexposed. That’s okay.

007 Running down towards the Ranchehouse and highway 22. I passed another runner just before this photo.

008 My beloved single-track of the Ranchehouse Ravine. Good stuff!

009 A week ago, all the leaves were still up. Winds knocked them all down. Too bad, but nice a squishy under the feet.

010 Hehehe. No alternate route was used.

011 Running towards the Farmer’s Market. Still some leaves up, but not nearly as many as compared to last week.

012 The nice thing about running from the Ranchehouse to the river is that it is a steady downhill.

013 Running under Griffin Road.

014Running along the river towards Mitford Park, which is at the top of the hill.

015  Running up the hill (well, walking) and looking out over Bow Ridge and Jumpingpound Ridge. Man, the overexposed photos make it look cold.

016 Running against the current of the Bow River. I stopped up ahead to reflect on my running and took a video.

Nothing like the gentle gurgle of a river to make your mind relax. Thank you Bow River for helping me realize.

019 Taking the cheater’s shortcut back into my neighbourhood. Usually, if this soil is wet, it is so sticky it’s amusing. Like seriously, your feet will weigh 50lbs each after a few steps. Don’t even attempt to ride a bike through it when it’s wet either. Last time left me digging sticky goo out of my tires for a 1/2 hour.

020 Home sweet home. They are planting trees and fixing the entrances to our complex (thank goodness). It will look good next summer!



  1. This is the best blog I've read of yours yet! And it does look cold out!

  2. Wow!
    The bridge/tunnel thing is kinda interesting..
    and wow just to think last week you had all those beautiful yellow leafs...your fall really doesnt last long at all huh? :/

    I agree with Nicole it looks cold out, good thing you love the cold :)