Friday, October 22, 2010

Pushups on a plane?

Muahahaha! These truly can be done anywhere!


Pushup #7 – On a plane! This one is thanks to a suggestion from dear father in law.

No running in a week. The break has been good, but I’m rearing to go! I’ll probably ease into it next week! It’s still quite nice here and I have a few times to get. They should be fairly attainable.

1) 800m run in 4:20

2) 400m run in 2:04

3) 1 mile run in 9 minutes




  1. Dude, a mile in 6-7 minutes for you is more like it... 800m in 3:30 and 400m in 1:45... don't sell yourself short..

  2. I'm not selling myself short, I'm just completing the Crossfit levels 1 at a time. I know I can bust all those times no problem.

  3. Your push up's are never boring :)

  4. I think that plane should be in the air!