Monday, October 11, 2010

Season of Change

ThanksgivingWell, Thanksgiving has come and gone (although today is still the official holiday). It also marked the completion (or incompletion in my case) of the 10-10 Virtual Race. I had signed up for 100 miles of running, but in my over-ambitious state I bit off more than I could chew and could not complete the total mileage. That’s fine though, because I did complete roughly 132 kilometers in about 14 hours. I’ll live. But all the running made me realise that I had neglected strength training. My squats have become unstable and choppy, upper body strength has diminished (only 24 pushups!!!) and I just feel weakened.

outline700So starting yesterday, I’ve started a 100 pushup in 10 weeks routine. This doesn’t mean that I have 10 weeks to do 100 pushups, lol, but at the end of this 10 weeks I’ll be able to do 100 pushups in a row. I think it’s a fantastic goal with huge benefits! Pushups are one of those exercises that I just want to be good at, and there is no equipment needed and they can be done anywhere. I’ve even had the inspiration to take 100 different photos of me doing a pushup in 100 different locations. Hmmmm…. Sunday, December 19th is the completion of this routine.

martin parnellAlso, by the end of this week my mukluks should have shipped and I can continue running as the weather cools off. Now that is exciting. However, my pushup training is taking priority and I will start building up mileage for my first ever marathon on December 31st with Marathon 250’s Martin Parnell. It will be his 250th of the year here in Cochrane, and my first, but I will be along side him in my sweet new mukluks (I’m not trying to steal the show, BTW)! I encourage everyone who is able to come out and join Martin on his run!



  1. Seems like you had a nice Thanksgiving.
    Yay for finishing the 10-10 virtual race!!
    Wow the 100 push up challenge eh? Good luck :)
    Woohooo for your mukluks getting shipped soon!

  2. I am impressed. marathon. You are my new fitness hero!

    I am just a puppet in the shadows of GF PATISSERIE'S flour bins.

  3. Good luck with the push up challenge! I tried it last year and made it to Week 4 and got stuck. My excuse is that pushups are harder for girls ;)