Friday, October 1, 2010

Calgary River Valley

I’ve been thinking it’s a good idea to run in Calgary in the mornings as there is a little bit more ambient light and more established pathways. I haven’t yet purchased a headlamp yet, so running trails around Cochrane at 530am just isn’t feasible.

So this morning took me out to Valley Ridge in West Calgary. I wanted to run along the river to Shouldice and back through Bowness. Run data can be found here.

Lucky for blog readers, I brought my camera.

2010-10-01 (2) Mysterious hero shot in Valley Ridge. It was actually pitch black, but setting the exposure long enough let in a lot of light.

2010-10-01 (4) Running the bridge under Stoney Trail. I’ve always wanted to run this path, and I finally got to! It’s quite peaceful and serene under there with all the hub-bub of traffic above.

2010-10-01 (5) Looking east along the Bow River. It was so warm and peaceful this morning.

2010-10-01 (6) This is the top of Waterfall Valley. There is TONS of singletrack in there I didn’t know about. Perhaps it will make some really good training grounds.

2010-10-01 (7) Crossing Shouldice Bridge into Bowness. I’ve always driven past this bridge (on the left) but never actually walked / ran it. First time for everything!

2010-10-01 (9) Just off Bowness, there is an island that is a bit of Nature Preserve! It was great! I love running along the river!

2010-10-01 (11) Stoney Trail as seen from below. That bridge is a LONG way up there.

2010-10-01 (12) Fall colours out in their full glory on the return to Valley Ridge.

2010-10-01 (13)I couldn’t pass up this opportunity for a photo! I think it turned out great! People who live in Valley Ridge are very lucks to have such fantastic scenery! Off to the left is a steep drop through pine forests to the river! So pretty!

I love running for the sake of running! It is a means to itself! I started out the run this morning a bit stiff, but loosened up as I went along. The only thing I noticed is sore hip flexors from running figure 4’s the whole time. My body is adapting though, and the distances are getting easier. Currently, my low effort pace is 6:00/km, and I would like to move that to 5:00/km. Eventually.

I also broke my 5km record yesterday at the SLS Track! I shaved a whopping 1:03 off my time. Ran it in my VFF’s in 21:44! Woop woop!



  1. Yay for always running with your camera :)
    I love the cool bridge!!! I also really love your last photo, those people are lucky indeed!!

    sounds like you had a nice run :)

  2. I've decided running with a camera is an awesome idea. Nicole really like the last photo too. She put it as her computer background, lol!