Friday, October 15, 2010

Pushups Anywhere!

Since I am in week 1 of my 100 pushup challenge, I figure I would explain the benefits of doing pushups. Pushups are great for many reasons:

1. They strengthen the upper body, specifically the triceps, deltoids and pectoral muscles.

2. They are a functional, multi-joint exercise.

3. The are a closed kinetic chain exercise, meaning they can be done safely with little risk of injury and with better control.

4. They make you look really good if done correctly. The thing I like about the program I am doing is that it also involves strengthening the back and biceps, core, lower back and shoulders. This prevents the hunched-shoulder look that so many people develop from overworking their chest. Strengthening the back literally pulls the shoulders back, and I am happy to do this as I don’t want to look like a muscle goon.

5. But most of all, I like pushups cause you can do them ANYWHERE! See below for examples.

2010-10-13 (1) Pushup #1 – At the gym

2010-10-14 (1) Pushup #2 – At the office

2010-10-14 (2) Pushup #3 – On my boss’ desk (seriously).

I will continue to post clever places to do pushups. I will even take suggestions for creative locations. See what you can come up with.

2010-10-14 (3) My Treksport VFFs came in yesterday! While my parents were travelling through the US, they stopped at REI and picked me up a pair! So awesome! My mom calls them monkey shoes, so she asked the sales clerk for “monkey shoes” and apparently he got very offended and said “They’re Vibram Five Fingers!!!”. My dad then said: “Don’t your feet have toes, not fingers?”. Oh well, thanks mom and dad!

2010-10-14 (4) They’ve got tread which will be great for the trails! They also have a slightly thicker sole, which will be super nice for those sharp pointies that nature seems to leave everywhere.

2010-10-14 (5) As you can see, the shoes were a little big for me, but I think I will grow into them.

2010-10-12 (2) I was driving home the other day and I pulled up behind this semi. The bumper sticker made me smile. It so beats those I *Heart* my Shih-Tzu stickers.



  1. Haha Push up on your boss's desk that is to funny!! Maybe you can post a photo of you doing a push up on tree log or something...
    Yay for new monkey shoes :)
    Hehe Baby needs monkey shoes!!
    Nice bumper sticker semi truck guy.

  2. On a log? Done! I shall do so! And be careful to who you say monkey shoes. You may just offend an REI employee.

  3. Those are some hilarious pictures - looking forward to seeing where else you end up doing pushups!