Thursday, September 30, 2010

Intervals and Crossfit

To be fully honest, I do not like Interval training. I would much rather do a long run and see lots of stuff. That’s just me. But I’ve been told that long slow distances make long slow runners. And I can’t deny the truth of that. So on Wednesday morning I pulled up the nerve to actually go out for a 10km interval run; 500m run, 500m walk, repeated 10 times.
Data can be found here.
To be quite honest, it was really fun. It was dark and I was wearing a headlamp, and I was just really running anywhere I could in town. I startled many people by traipsing past them with my VFFs, shorts and Tshirt and headlamp early in the morning. Boy, what a nut I am.
001 This is taken from the Farmer’s Market parking lot where I started my run. I am experimenting with my camera to allow me to take shots at night and while I run.
002 Not bad, and getting better. Orion is an awesome constellation, but I think Cassiopeia is far cooler!
The run was good! All my intervals were at my target pace of 4:00 to 4:30, except one. The reason for it was stairs. Since it was so early in the morning, the wooden stairs were frosty and slippery, so I had to mope up them. No biggie though. It’s not like I am out there to beat anything. But I know if I keep up the interval training, I will become a faster runner and some of those goals may come to fruition.
Following my run, I headed over to Crossfit Cochrane for a workout. We mostly practiced some olympic lifts, and I took the time to record M attempts the snatch.
I thought his form is pretty good. He’s teaching me all this stuff, but I guess every once in a while I notice something. Nothing here though.
That’s about it. I am off to do some guinea pigging for Garmin which is always fun!


  1. Ohhh, those are stars! So, who is out early enough to be startled by you?

  2. Boogie men, rhinoceros' and Donkey Kong. They are all easily startled, despite what we may think.