Thursday, September 2, 2010

Crossfit Wednesdays

This post was supposed to written yesterday, but my lunch involved eating about 2 pounds of lasagne at Van Gogh’s in Calgary. Highly recommended.
Anyway, to offset that energy intake, I do more than just run and bike. Once a week, I do Crossfit workouts. I met the owner of Crossfit when I first moved to Cochrane and before he even started the club when he was teaching spin classes at a local fitness facility. Push came to shove, and eventually he started Crossfit Cochrane and wanted someone to do workouts with (or with whom to do workouts). There actually was no pushing or shoving, I’m just being weird.
So yeah, here I am, putting out a shout out to the Crossfit club in Cochrane.
2010-09-01 (9) Generally, Crossfit clubs are usually garage-type gyms. None of that fancy stuff you see in other clubs. I like that.
2010-09-01 (1)The club is complete with squat racks, kettlebells, jump boxes, kids play area (nice touch M)…
2010-09-01 (3)…sledgehammers (still trying to figure out how to apply those to my workout), big overhead door…
  2010-09-01 (4)…rowing machines (gack!), medicine balls, climbing rope, chin up bars and rings. Notice that there are no mirrors in the gym? It makes you concentrate on your form rather than watch it. What a difference that makes! It’s weird to use mirrors after not using them.
2010-09-01 (6)  Owner M attempting a very heavy squat.
2010-09-01 (8) Good form! That’s 255lbs me thinks. We were trying to find our 1RM squat.
If you want to find out more about Crossfit, check out M’s site. I was intimidated by Crossfit at first, thinking that it is just hardcore-lift-until-you-die type workouts, but it’s not. Sure there are some that do that, but the exercises are very functional and very effective for everyday living. Under the right guidance and with proper technique, form and progression, it is a very effective workout style. I like it. M likes it. You may like it. Dunno who I’m talking to.

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