Friday, September 10, 2010

One of those mornings…

Well, I meant well when I found myself at the start of the run this morning at 530am in the Cochrane Farmer’s Market parking lot. I meant well when I said I would do a 12km loop up Big Hill. I meant well when I ran all the way up the hill. I meant well when my ankles started giving me grief. I meant well when I noticed my digestive system bouncing up and down. I meant well as I waddled over 2km back to the car. Uhg… one of the runs where things just don’t go well.
I started this morning at 530am in the Cochrane Farmer’s Market parking lot. I wanted up the hill to where I did my Wednesday run and then loop back down. I started off fine, setting a decent pace up the Big Hill in Cochrane. Then the batteries in my watch died. So no data.
Then I noticed my ankles weren’t bending as they should when I run. I stopped to check and found that my calves were unbelievably tight. Testament to improper stretching post run on Wednesday. So I plundered on in the early morning light, walking at a brisk pace to keep warm.
It sure was a beautiful morning though. Dawn was lighting up the skies to the east, and the twinkle of Cochrane below sure looked good. The mountains were fresh with a new layer of snow and lit up the west oh so well. If only I had my camera, my dear….
I started jogging again after walking on the balls of my feet and loosening up my ankles. It felt great! I got to the top of Big Hill, ready for my thrilling downhill. Then my stomach started sloshing and waves of peristalsis racked my body every 1-2 minutes. Gosh! It was over 2km back to the car, and there are washrooms at the parking lot. So I thundered down Big Hill’s trail as fast as I could and down through Sunterra Heights. More waves of bathroom desire. I had to start employing labour techniques that I learned from my wife when she was giving birth. All to prevent a rather embarrassing accident. It worked, holy smokes! I got down to the parking lot and, the washrooms were locked! Dang it! I hopped in the car and happily made it home.
But why the stomach thunking? It must be what I ate last night. Usually I run in the morning on an empty stomach and I’m fine! But perhaps whatever was in there was still lingering. So I need to work on my nutrition. Big time. The book I’m reading suggests eating like a poor person. So what, rice and beans? Corn and potatoes? I’m not really sure how to eat. I eat cause I’m hungry, and I usually prepare my own food. Isn’t that good enough? I’ll work on it.
No pictures today, I need my camera back. No GPS data today. My GPS battery lasts maybe 2 hours tops. Not the best start to a morning, but ambitious enough for my needs.