Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Virtual Race Update

So today was day one of my virtual race for the 100 miles before Oct 10th. I went out for a run this morning along Cochrane’s pathways. I started at 530 this morning, and with thanks to person I work with, I was lent a headlamp.

Run details are here.

No pictures, cause I forgot to take them. Silly me. I followed up the run with at Crossfit workout. After all it is Wednesday. So needless to day, I am a little spent and quite ravenous.

2010-09-15 Virtual Race Garmin Connect has a great tool for setting goals!

But my details to date for Barefoot Neil’s virtual race are as follows:

12.46km = 1:10:31 / 7.74 miles = 1:10:31


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