Friday, September 17, 2010

I just want to Blog about this morning

I’ve wanted to do this for a while, so this morning I finally did. I rode my mountain bike to work! Woop woop! The drive is 21.1 km (weird how it’s exactly a 1/2 marathon), so I figured 1-2 hours to get here.

Commute data can be found here.

I started at 6am this morning, and of course, it was dark. Not only that, it was snowing as well. Not much, but enough to cause any flakes that entered the beam from the headlamp to be illuminated. It looked cool, but I am not a good enough photographer to capture that.

006 Yup, darkness prevails early in the morning. The headlamp is a must though. It told me there was a left turn ahead (which there was).

007Obviously, I did not want to ride on the highways. So I took Cochrane’s paths to the bridge and then to back roads. I had to stop and wait for a train at the crossing. I saw the train coming a ways off, thought I could beat it, but thought better of it. I imagined the headlines in the paper saying “Doofus moron cyclist tries to outrun train. Fail.”

009  Trains in the dark seem creepy. Loud, and no light on the cars. As I crossed the tracks, I imagined “What would happen if one of the cars came detached and was trailing behind the train after it had passed. Man, it could hit me and I wouldn’t even see it coming.”  Sheesh, the things I think of…

011 I was biking along Tower’s Trail and I startled some horses. If I thought trains were creepy in the dark, horses are even worse! To see those piercing white eyes reflecting angst and hatred back towards me… man o man. Oh wait, I just startled them, so I guess they don’t angst or hate me. Sheesh, the things I think of.

012 There were four of them. Demon horses of the dark. Ooooh, new fantasy novel!

014 Eventually, the light did come out, and I got this photo. I was going to delete this picture, but the blurriness made it special. Thank you blurred photo. This is looking southwest from Tower’s Trail and whatever road intersects it. I thought it was pretty.

017 The thing I like most about road signs is how they light up when you light them up (d’uh!). What better opportunity than this unsuspecting light-upable yield sign to get it’s photo taken?

So yeah, just over 90 minutes to work from home, which is 3x longer. But there is something special about being able to use your legs to move you and your lungs to fuel you. It’s so much more satisfying than just sitting in the car and thinking about the day ahead of you. The thing I like most, though, is I am spending my day thinking about the ride home! And, it’s all downhill to boot! Woop woop!


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