Sunday, September 5, 2010

Le 1/2 Tour de Cochrane ala Bike in the AM before work cause it’s awesome to do yay!

Catchy title huh? I like it. It pretty much sums up my Thursday morning ride. Now that K country is swarming with bears and they are getting ready for hibernation, I figure it’s best to not to solo it in the morning. So out the front door I go to see what I can get done in the morning before work.

GPS data can be found here.

Exactly 22 km, so just over a half-marathon. Hmmm, to run this in under 2 hours would be a good accomplishment. I’ll try once the gash in my foot is healed.

2010-09-02 (1)The neighbourhood sleeps while Lorne prepares for his ride.

2010-09-02 (2)  In the dawn, there is light breaking the horizon, but barely enough to make out the surroundings.

2010-09-02 (3) Looking west, towards my beloved mountains. I know they’re out there somewhere.

2010-09-02 (4) Within minutes from the last photo, dawn is upon me and now I can see my surroundings.

2010-09-02 (5) At the southmost part of my ride, the sun is preparing it’s triumphant entry into a beautiful morning.

2010-09-02 (6)At the northmost point of my ride, the sun is up and the town awakens.

2010-09-02 (7)  My beloved mountains and homey cows. Good morning good ladies.

2010-09-02 (8) Within 10 minutes I would be home and getting ready to go to work. *sigh*…

I ride because I love to ride. It is a means into itself. No goals, no reasons, no motives. For the sake of moving, I suppose. Same goes for running. Just to feel the earth beneath my feet and the wind on my face. I’m in the right place!


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