Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Hunt Begins

So winter is coming up on us. Much to the dismay of others, but I for one delight in the arrival of winter. I love the cold. I love the snow. I love the perfectly clear nights. Nothing on earth can compare to a good winter. And the best part of all, when I’m done frolicking in the cold, there is a nice warm house and good of cup of tea waiting to warm me up. Ahhhhh…..

Manitobah Manitobah Mukluks. Made in Winnipeg. Priced for New York.

Anyway, the hunt I am is not for animals nor things like that, but for a way to continue barefoot running in the sub zero temperatures, even all the way down to –40!!! I know, it sounds crazy, but those who know me know my love of winter. And being one who loves winter AND running, I would like to combine the two. Now I know if would foolishness to head out in sub zero temperatures in VFFs, so I am going for the next best thing; mukluks.

redevers Redvers Mukluk. Made in Saskatchewan. Made of suede.

The natives have used them for centuries up north and all over North America, so why not me? They are perfectly made to run and hunt in the winters while keeping the feet warm in cold temperatures. The problem nowadays, however, is the fact that mukluks are made as a fashion accessory and therefore not very practical for taking a beating on the trails. Not to mention the price! Yikes!!! $300 to $400 for mukluks! Crazy! So I am hunting for mukluks, and if anyone who reads this blog (all 4 of you!) knows of mukluk retailers, let me know! I would love to keep up my barefoot running in winter. Trail running shoes and boots are out of the question.

tecumseh Tecumseh Mukluk. Made in Calgary, I believe. Non-existent store-front (I think), and they too look like suede.

The mukluks need the following:

-soft, flexible sole

-full lacing up the calf

-wool lined

-moosehide or equivalent. No suede as it’s not durable and no canvas as it does not breathe

-some aspect of coolness, but this isn’t important.

I would even consider making my own pair if it came to it. Leather is easy to come by, and a needle and thread could probably go a long way. I’m trying to preserve my love of running and winter, both of which will never fade.


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  1. yeah, I just realized that the first picture is a women's style. ooops