Thursday, September 23, 2010

Six Watches

So this morning was a product testing day for Garmin. Nothing really unusual, and I was told it would be easy on me today. Good thing as my feet are sore. So I was at the track at 8am, ready to go. I had six foot pods on me this morning, and with them was six watches. I would walk 1 lap (232.2 m), stop and push a whole bunch of buttons, and repeat that 5 times. Following the walks, I would do the same, except jog 2 laps instead of walk 1 lap. Total distance was about 3.5km in 30 minutes. I’ll add that to my 100 mile challenge.

The interesting thing was that I had to wear running shoes to do the testing. I am okay with that, but what a plush and comfy difference as compared to my Vibrams. The tester was amazed at how I constantly run off my toes. I merely reply that I wouldn’t even know how to heel strike. Each time the ball of my foot would contact the ground, there would be a brief moment (and quite noticeable to me as well) where the shoe would compress. It produced a swish-swish-swish sound as I ran, unlike the pat-pat-pat sound I have when I wear my Vibrams. As weird as it sounds, that slight delay changed my running stride, and at times it felt as if I would roll my ankle. But quick adjustments and adaptation prevented such a thing from happening.

I am nursing a bit of a bruised foot. On Tuesday, I did interval strength / running training outdoors. It was a whopping +1 C outside, and snowing a bit, so my feet went numb. And as they went numb, I began to heel strike. I guess I do know how to heel strike. But it led to a sore arch and bruised heel. It goes to show that when I disconnect the feeling of the ground from my feet, injury is bound to happen.

I also received a call from Manitobah Mukluks yesterday saying that my mukluks would be done and shipped around Oct 15th! Woop woop! So very very VERY excited about that! I can’t wait to run in those and give them my feedback!

No pictures today. If you really want to see the track, check out this post.

I also had some business in Calgary northeast this morning. I GPS’d my ride (took the bike). Stoney trail ROCKS as it only took me 45 minutes, as opposed to the 1 hour + to get to my destination!


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  1. Running with all that has to be interesting, and its interesting the differences your shoes make in your running.. very neat, gives more good reasons to get my own monkey shoes ;) lol
    Hope your bruised foot feels better soon though!

    Yay your going to get your shoes much sooner now that's really cool :)