Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Good Loop

I posted earlier about my 1/2 Tour de Cochrane on my bike. You can see that post here. Well my goal is to get that under 1 hour and I almost did. Last Saturday I headed out and biked it in 1:06:51. Data can be found here. It apparently took me only 914 calories to do. Mmmm, cheeseburger. Many of them :-)

This morning, being a Crossfit morning, we decided to head out for a run. I tend to follow the Marathon 250 blog, the fellow who is attempting to run 250 marathons this year. Well I noticed that he recently did the Retreat Road loop during one of his marathons. I knew there was a road there, but I did not know you could run it. So Mike and I did the loop.

Data can be found here. It is mostly gravel roads and tarmac, but at the end, it is an absolutely thrilling downhill as you run through the trees back to the cemetery. So much fun! I would have loved to have taken photos, but someone forgot their camera at someone else’s house. Ahem, missy :-)

Mike challenged me to enter the Crossfit games next year. In return, he is going to run the Powderface42 marathon next year. A good challenge. Crossfit will probably beat me up, but the full marathon at Powderface will be even more fun. I ran the half this past July, so the full should be even more fun!

Not too many photos to post today, but I will add a few from my trip last Spring to Yellowknife. Ahhh, memories.

IMG_0714 Bullocks Bistro. Best fish I have ever had. Talk on your cell phone and they throw it in the deep fryer.

IMG_0756Flying over the old mines. So beautiful.

IMG_0825  Ice road to Detah. I just loved hiking around the on the lake. I was out till 930 at night and the sun stayed up the whole time! I love the north!

IMG_0931  Flying over Ft. Simpson along the McKenzie River. The closest I have ever been to the Nahanni. Someday Lorne, someday…

IMG_1048 Bought me some snowshoes up there. Too bad when I got home all the snow was melted.

That’s all for now!


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  1. Yeah... sorry about stealing your camera... We need to get mine back!

    You know, you are very close to convincing me that cold may be okay. Those pictures are just so beautiful! Is it cheap to fly up in the winter or more expensive?